The "Betch Fit" collection for Shop Betches was a distinctive line of apparel and products designed for those whose workout clothes often saw more of Starbucks than the gym. This project required a combination of apparel and product design, as well as digital design for promotional purposes.
My contributions to this project included:
Apparel and Product Design: I played a pivotal role in designing the apparel and products that constituted the "Betch Fit" collection. This involved ensuring that the designs captured the unique style and personality associated with the Betches brand while appealing to the target audience.
Merchandise Design: In addition to apparel and products, I also took charge of designing the merchandise for the "Betch Fit" collection. This encompassed a wide range of items that reflected the collection's theme.
Editing E-commerce Shoots: I took existing e-commerce photographs from Betches and edited them to create web headers and social media posts. These visuals were instrumental in promoting the new "Betch Fit" collection across digital platforms.
This project showcased my ability to design a comprehensive collection, including merchandise, apparel, and products, while also contributing to the digital assets needed to successfully promote and market the collection to the target audience.
I N S T A G R A M    I M A G E S
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