Throughout my time with Betches, we often collaborated with major corporations, thanks to our extensive audience reach. I had the pleasure of working on various branded content projects, creating engaging motion graphics and animations using a range of software tools, including After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Here are some noteworthy collaborations:
Pepsi: We partnered with Pepsi to produce branded content that resonated with our audience. Using After Effects and other design software, I crafted visually appealing motion graphics and animations that effectively conveyed Pepsi's messaging.
MTV VMAs: For the Live VMAs, we worked with MTV to create dynamic and captivating branded content. I utilized my animation and motion graphics skills to enhance the viewing experience and engage the audience.
IGTV Series with Kelly Ripa: We collaborated with guest Kelly Ripa on an IGTV series. In this project, I played a key role in designing and animating motion graphics that complemented the content and captivated viewers.
These examples showcased my ability to create visually compelling branded content and motion graphics that aligned seamlessly with the brand partnerships and resonated with Betches' extensive audience.
Pepsi Nostalgia Concept for an Instagram Story Series on @betches
MTV's teaser to watch the VMAs featured on @betches
Intro Slide for @betches IGTV featuring Kelly Ripa promoting Comments By Celebs Podcast
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