For Betches' original series "Meme Girls," a satirical take on the world of meme-making, content creation, and Instagram fame, I was tasked with creating the outro sequence, The sequence humorously conveyed the effort and creativity behind the memes featured on Betches.
My contributions to this project included:
Outro Sequence Design: I meticulously designed the outro sequence, ensuring it encapsulated the series' essence of sweat, blood, tears, and wigs in a visually engaging and comical manner.
Illustration: To bring the humor to life, I used Illustrator to create playful doodles and graphics that complemented the overall theme and added a touch of whimsy to the sequence.
Animation: Using After Effects, I animated the elements, bringing motion and life to the doodles and graphics, and ensuring a dynamic and entertaining outro.
The combination of animation, doodles, and graphics in the outro sequence added a memorable and entertaining element to the "Meme Girls" series, leaving viewers with a lasting impression of the satirical take on meme culture and content creation.
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