One of the key projects I worked on at Betches was the creation of a pitch deck designed to engage potential brand partners for collaborations. Instead of relying on external hosting sites, Betches aimed to present their media assets directly within a PDF document. This comprehensive pitch deck included video and audio files showcasing their successful branded collaborations.
My contributions to this project encompassed:
Content Integration: I seamlessly integrated video and audio files into the pitch deck, ensuring that potential partners could directly experience the media showcasing Betches' branded collaborations. This allowed for a more immersive and persuasive presentation.
Visual Design: I designed the pitch deck with a visually appealing layout and aesthetics that aligned with the Betches brand. The design aimed to capture the attention of potential partners and maintain their engagement throughout the presentation.
Branding Consistency: While creating the pitch deck, I ensured that the branding elements were consistent with Betches' overall visual identity, conveying a cohesive and professional image to potential partners.
The success of this pitch deck was underscored by the positive feedback received from notable partners, such as Netflix, who praised it as one of the best they had seen in 2017. This project demonstrated my ability to create persuasive and visually appealing materials for brand partnership outreach.
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