During my tenure as the secondary photographer for Betches, I had the privilege of contributing to the photography for the Summer 2017 collection. This project required a keen eye for capturing the essence and vibe of the Betches brand, resulting in a unique and visually appealing collection.
My role in this project encompassed:
Photography: I was responsible for capturing high-quality images that not only showcased the apparel but also encapsulated the desired brand vibe and style.
Location Scouting: I assisted in scouting suitable locations that complemented the Summer 2017 collection and contributed to the overall aesthetic.
Model Coordination: Alongside the team, I played a role in model selection, ensuring that they embodied the brand's identity and connected with the collection.
Editing: I meticulously edited the photographs to ensure they met the brand's visual standards and were ready for use in promotional materials.
Digital Artwork Integration: In cases where physical samples were not yet available, I digitally added the artwork to the blanks, maintaining a consistent and cohesive look for the collection.
I am particularly proud of the CEO's praise, as it highlighted my ability to understand and embody the brand's vibe, resulting in photographs that exceeded expectations and resonated with the Betches audience.
Creative Director: Sophie Macks @beyondthemag
Hair & Makeup: Jenny Smith @jennyatwoodsmith | Bumble & Bumble  @bumbleandbumble
Models: Anais | Carolyn | Maura | Ni'Ma | Valerie |
Photography: Kenzie Szymarek 

photography: thais edit: kenzie szymarek
photography: thais edit: kenzie szymarek
photography: thais edit: kenzie szymarek
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