As part of The Betches Sup, a political news segment by Betches, I had the exciting opportunity to enhance the live show's visual appeal and professionalism with a comprehensive set of live motion graphics. This segment aired every Thursday on Facebook Live, and my contributions went beyond just logo design, logo animation, lower thirds, and transparent graphics; I also played a pivotal role in creating additional dynamic elements for the show.
In addition to the previously mentioned contributions, I also designed:
Loading Screen: I crafted a captivating loading screen that engaged viewers as they waited for the live broadcast to begin, setting the tone for the show.
Countdown Clock: To build anticipation and keep viewers engaged, I designed and implemented a countdown clock, creating excitement and a sense of timing leading up to the live broadcast.
Animated Ticker: I created an animated ticker that displayed scrolling news updates or other relevant information, ensuring that viewers were always informed and engaged throughout the live show.
These additional elements further showcased my ability to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for The Betches Sup political news segment, making it a more immersive and entertaining viewing experience for the audience.

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