I had the privilege of working with Chelsea Collette Collections, a jewelry designer, to create visually compelling product photography for her brand. Chelsea had a clear vision for her website: a black background that accentuated the focus on her exquisite jewelry while reflecting the Native American influences of her brand.
Here's a breakdown of my contributions to this project:
Product Photography: I meticulously photographed Chelsea's jewelry collections, ensuring that each piece was showcased in its best light. The goal was to capture the intricate details and unique beauty of her designs.
Line Sheets Design: I designed line sheets that provided a comprehensive overview of her collections, making it easy for potential retailers to browse and consider her jewelry for their stores.
Editing and Optimization: After capturing the product and lifestyle shots, I edited and optimized the photos for both web and print use. This involved enhancing the images to maintain their quality and appeal across different media.
The project showcased my ability to bring out the essence of Chelsea Collette Collections' jewelry through captivating product photography and design work that aligned with her brand's Native American influences.
Collections Overview
Magnified Product View
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