Design Concept for City Donuts in Lubbock, Texas.
Currently, City Donuts has a simple typeface affixed to its building and a sign out front. Since it sells breakfast products, I wanted to give it a playful and colorful twist. This was acheived by creating a simple sprinkle cityscape design, an asymmetrical stroke on the circle, and a cheeky font with donut accents. The colors used represent vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry; popular donut flavors. 
Logo Concept
My suggestion is to post this on National Donut Day.
Out-of-Home Advertisement Concepts
To remain consistent with the logo, the advertisements have a playful tone and look. This was acheived using cheeky copy and the same pastel colors used in the logo as accents. 
Bus Stop Advertisement
Billboard advertisement.
Additional Logo Concepts
Same as previous logo, but with the cityscape appearing as different colored sprinkles.
A poppy, abstract, colorful approach.

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