Heather Shaw, the "tanning guru to the stars," achieved remarkable success in the self-tanning industry with two storefront locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. However, her website did not effectively reflect her brand and achievements. In response, I took on the project of completely redesigning the Heather® Tans website. The goal was to create a clean, chic, and sassy online platform that showcased Heather's brand and accomplishments.
Website Design: Designed and developed a brand-new website using a customized Shopify template, ensuring it aligned with Heather's vision.
Custom Coding: Integrated custom coding on specific pages to achieve unique design elements and functionalities that showcased Heather's brand and achievements effectively.
This project demonstrated my expertise in web design and development, as I transformed Heather® Tans' online presence into a chic and sassy platform that truly reflected Heather Shaw's brand and accomplishments.
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