For the Betches e-commerce site (, I was responsible for creating a variety of promotional materials. These promotions were featured on Instagram Stories and in weekly email blasts. Each day presented a new opportunity to promote Betches Shop, requiring a cohesive approach that included email campaigns, social media posts, and Instagram Stories.
Promotional Material Creation: Designed a wide range of promotional materials, including graphics, images, and visuals that effectively showcased products from Betches Shop.
Email Campaigns: Developed email campaigns that aligned with the daily promotions, ensuring a consistent brand message and style.
Social Media Posts: Created engaging social media posts that highlighted featured products and encouraged audience engagement.
Instagram Stories: Produced captivating Instagram Stories that provided a dynamic and interactive presentation of Betches Shop's offerings.
This project demonstrated my ability to manage daily promotional content across multiple platforms, ensuring that Betches Shop maintained a strong online presence and engaged with its audience effectively.

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