Logo and menu deisgn for Raider Park Grill in Lubbock, Texas
Original Corporate Identity
Raider Park Grill's Original Logo
Raider Park Grill's Original Menu | Front
One thing I wanted to change was the full black background, multiple, seemingly unrelated fonts, and the colored photograph.
Raider Park Grill's Original Menu | Back
Once again, things I wanted to modify were the black background, white font on red background, and multiple font styles.
Redesigned Corporate Identity
Finalized Menu | Front
For the front, I liked the idea of using photographs, so I used related ones and made them black and white to mute them and have the logo stand out. 
Finalized Menu | Back
Drink Menu
Order Number Card
Outside Banner 
Wait to be seated & Please seat yourself double-sided sign
To-Go Menu | Front
To-Go Menu | Back
Early Concepts
Front Menu Option
Ultimately, these setups had too much whitespace for my liking and the logos were too small.
Menu Front Option
Menu Front Option
Menu Back Option
Originally, Raider Park Grill was set on having black as the menu background. For ease of reading, that was later changed. The logo was also added on the back in the final version.
Menu Back Option
Once again, this menu has the black background, but features a boxed layout.

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