Current Logo
Below are my concepts for Skinny Ms. 
I wanted to change the colors to a nonquintesential feminine theme while still expressing the healthy lifestyle aspect of the brand. The font adds a playful punch with leaf accents. The sillouette does as well and can stand alone when the brand name isn't needed. 
For the logo, I chose Curvada for the font because the leaf-like accents on the letters help to convey the healthy lifestyle aspects of the Skinny Ms. brand without stating it too obviously. Since the brand is geared toward women, I added a feminine and spirited figure on the left to help frame the brand’s name. Sticking with the simplistically feminine theme, I chose green and orange because it’s not a stereotypical color for the gender and it also is associated with fresh citrus and health.
For the letterhead I wanted to keep it consistent with the green and orange used. I added linework beneath the logo to help anchor the sites below. I introduced a second font, Champagnes & Limousines, because it was feminine without extra flourishes; this continues with the simplistic theme used throughout. I placed linework at the bottom of the letterhead, as well. With this, I added circles to echo the head on the silhouette in the logo.
Envelope | Front
The envelope continues with the simplistic theme. The logo is colorful and eye-catching on its own, but I added the same linework utilized in the letterhead to keep it the corporate identity consistent. Once again, Champagnes & Limousines is used.
Business Card | Front
The front of the business card features the silhouette in the logo and linework on the right to help frame the contact information in between. The same linework featured in both the letterhead and envelope is used once again to separate the contact information with the individual.
Business Card | Back
The back of the business card echos the colors, fonts, and linework used on the front. Therefore, it remains consistent with the letterhead and envelope as well. I personally wouldn't add a QR code to a business card, but it was a requirement for the project.
Advertisement | Newspaper
For the newspaper advertisement there are color restrictions so the playful and feminine nature of Skinny Ms. had to be expressed otherwise. In order to remain consistent with the corporate identity, I used the same font, Champagnes & Limousines, as well as the same linework used in the letterhead and envelope. I introduced the circle linework to echo the head in the logo as well as adding a playful touch to the ad.
This is the same black and white ad with an added promotion.
Advertisement | Magazine
For the magazine advertisement, I used green and orange throughout to add a pop of Skinny Ms. playfulness, which also echos the fresh and carefree nature of summertime. I utilized the same linework in the letterhead and envelope. The picture in the background is transparent as to appear ethereal and allow the viewer to relate to not wanting to hide behind a sweater in the summer.
This is the same ad with a promotional twist.
Once again, same ad but in black and white.

 Z-Fold Brochure 
Inside Back | Outside Center | Outside Front
For the brochure, I once again used the same green and orange colors to remain consistent with the corporate identity. For the outside front I displayed the logo with the same linework used in the letterhead and envelope to anchor the Skinny Ms. tagline. For the outside center, I used the girl figure in the logo to frame the physical address of Skinny Ms, and added the circle linework beneath to separate their other tagline. For the inside back, I displayed what Skinny Ms. has to offer in bullet form. For the font, I used Champagnes and Limosines for the body text and Aubrey for the headers.
Z-Fold Brochure
Inside Front | Inside Center | Outside Back
For the outside front, I displayed the mission of Skinny Ms. in a darker grey color not yet used so it would standout against the colorful pops already associated with the Skinny Ms. brand. Plain, straight orange lines are used again to border the color blocks and separate the text. Black and white images of weights and yoga help to convey the theme of fitness and health for women.


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