In a testament to my self-assertiveness and confidence in my role, I took the initiative to secure the first guest appearance for the CHICKS channel. The guest in question was Trevor Wallace, and the challenge was to create original content that would not only entertain both his audience and the CHICKS audience but also reflect the spirit of the channel.
Initiative and Pitch: Recognizing the opportunity presented by Trevor Wallace's guest appearance, I pitched several content ideas to the team, highlighting my confidence in the role.
Graphic Design: Utilized Adobe Illustrator to design characters and graphics essential to the video's storytelling.
Animation: Employed After Effects to create dynamic animations and graphics that enhanced the video's visual appeal.
Video Editing: Utilized Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and finalize the video, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience.
This project not only marked a successful collaboration with Trevor Wallace but also underscored my proactive approach in securing the first guest for CHICKS, showcasing both my initiative and confidence in my role.
produced & edited by: Kenzie Szymarek
filmed by: Colin Cooper
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